Just the FAQ’s: Almost Everything You Need to Know to Win a Radio Mercury Award


How do I win a Radio Mercury Award?

Enter! If you feel good about the creative broadcast radio work you created between January 1, 2022 and now - and you want it to be heard - the Radio Mercury Awards should be on your awards entry shortlist. 

How long can I procrastinate before entering? 

The deadline is Monday, April 10, 2023.

When does final round judging take place?

In early May 2023.

When does the Radio Mercury Awards event take place?

The 2023 Radio Mercury Awards will take place on Thursday, June 8, 2023 at SONY HALL in New York City.

What’s new?

Glad you asked. We have several new awards, giving you more opportunities to win:

  • Local Market Broadcast Radio Commercial
  • Broadcast Radio Commercial or Campaign for Good
  • Broadcast Radio Commercial or Campaign with Cultural Impact
  • Innovation in Broadcast Radio
  • Short Broadcast Radio Commercial
  • Use of Humor in a Broadcast Radio Spot
  • Use of Personality in a Broadcast Radio Commercial: Radio Station or Group
  • Showcase Award: Branded Podcast

Note: See individual categories for eligibility requirements.

What hasn’t changed?

Everything you like about the Radio Mercury Award is still here:

  • Our classic, single broadcast radio commercial, broadcast radio campaign and broadcast radio PSA categories.
  • Our entry fees have not increased from 2022.
  • No late fees.
  • If you win, you get a trophy and prize monies. (And you won’t have to pay for your trophy unless you want to get an extra copy).
  • Student entries are free.

I work at an agency, and we did some amazing broad broadcast radio this year. What categories can we enter?

Check out this track for your categories.

We produced some great broadcast radio for clients at our radio station. What categories are open to us?

Check out this track for your categories.

What about podcasts?

The new Branded Podcast category might be right for you.

Our broadcast radio commercial is game-changing.  What category can we enter?

The new Innovation in Broadcast Radio category could be a good fit.

My broadcast radio spots are in Spanish. Can I enter?

Si! You can enter Spanish-language work in any eligible category.  In fact, you can enter work in any language, in any eligible category.

I have three broadcast radio spots and I can’t decide.  Which ones should I enter?

You can enter all of them!  Take your pick - enter each spot separately, all together in an eligible campaign category, or both.  Check out our guidelines to find the category that works for you.

Our broadcast radio spot is really funny, and it’s under :30. Which category should I enter?

How about categories? That’s right, you can enter your work into more than one category, as long as it fits a category’s eligibility requirements.

In this case, you could enter the Broadcast Radio Commercial, Use of Humor in a Broadcast Radio Spot and Short Broadcast Radio Commercial categories.

Can I enter a jingle? How about an original song we produced for a radio commercial?

Yes. We’ve got you covered with the Use of Songs/Music in a Broadcast Radio Spot or Campaign category.

Our broadcast radio campaign is part of a larger, integrated campaign.  What about that?

You could enter the Multi-Platform Campaign with Broadcast Radio category.

Can I enter non-broadcast radio spots or audio? 

Yes. Check our guidelines for eligible non-broadcast categories.

You can also enter radio commercials and campaigns that ran on both broadcast and non-broadcast channels. You’ll be asked to provide substantiation in order to complete your entry.

I have more questions.

We are happy to help. Email us here or call 212-681-7207.