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2023 Radio Mercury Awards Trophies

2023 Radio Mercury Awards Trophies

Thank you 2023 Radio Mercury Awards Sponsors. The people that make it all possible.

Andi Gottlieb and Lexie Winter, Barkley; Dallin Slavens, The Martin Agency

Carla Leible, Josh Ryan and Joe Lose, Zimmer Communications

Craig Swagler and Steven Portnoy, CBS News Radio; Erica Farber, RAB

Selfies at the Miami Ad School table

Ellen Buchsbaum and Valerie Perna, PureRED

Dallin Slavens, The Martin Agency; Sam Carlson, Goodby Silverstein and Partners

Dêjà Vu, The Dêjà Vu Show; Sherman Winfield, VMLY&R; Erica Farber, RAB

Elena Kimball, Audacy; Kathleen McGuire Buschbacher and Skip Kelly, Audacy

The Hubbard Radio Team

Jodi Rainey and Andrea Clay, Cox Media Group

Larissa Kirschner-Chaney and Roya Partovi

Larry Gordon, Laundry Service, NY; Sherman Winfield, VMLY&R Atlanta

John Wallace, Steve Willis and Skip Kelly; Audacy

Josh Russak, Sonderview; Brooke Fox; Brooke and Jeffrey Show; Heather Cohen, The Weiss Agency; Bernie Weiss, iHeartMedia

Leah Kamon, RAB; Pierre Bouvard, CUMULUS MEDIA; David Cohn

Jym Geraci and Jim Blommel, Hubbard Radio

Michael Scecchitano, CJ Scecchitano; Beasely Media Group Sam Holtzberg and Corey Hotlzberg, Dickey Broadcasting Company

Nick Farley, John Doessel and John Fiebke, FCB Chicago; Tim Flemke and Ben Doessel, Highdive

Susan Larkin and David Plotkin, Audacy; Christine Travaglini, Katz Media Group; Erica Farber, RAB; Chad Brown, Katz Radio Group

The Hulvey Family

Sherman Winfield, VMLY&R Atlanta; Jill Belloma, The Studio at iHeartMedia

The Crowd gets ready for the Radio Mercury Awards!

Todd Francis, the Miami Ad School; Sherman Winfield, VMLY&R Atlanta

Keith Hastings, Hubbard Radio Chicago

Jim Blommel, Hubbard Radio; Steven Portnoy, CBS News Radio

TJ Hower, Seven Mountains Media

John Fiebke, FBC Chicago; Mike Adam, 102.7, Audacy; Nick Farley and John Doessel; FCB Chicago

Cubby, 106.7 LITE FM; Charlie Tournat, Preston Spire; Christine, 106.7 LITE FM

Harley Saftler, Ogilvy; Cubby and Christine, 106.7 LITE FM

Evan Hohenwarter and Diana Friedman, Arnold Worldwide

Dêjà Vu, The Dêjà Vu Show and Jason Goldberg, Erich and Kallman

Dêjà Vu, The Dêjà Vu Show; Michael Schillig and Roger Hughes, PPK

2023 Radio Mercury Awards Marketer of the Year, Procter & Gamble
Charlotte La Niear, North America senior director for multicultural media and Déjà Vu

Jill Belloma, The Studio at iHeartMedia accepting award

Roger Hughes and Meg Chamlee, PPK

Brooke and Jeffrey, The Brooke and Jeffrey Show, Hubbard Radio

Jeffrey, The Brooke and Jeffrey Show, Hubbard Radio; Evan Hohenwarter and Diana Freedman, Arnold Worldwide; Brooke Fox, The Brooke and Jeffrey Show, Hubbard

Sherman Winfied, VMLY&R Atlanta; Erica Farber, RAB - Best of Show

2023 Radio Mercury Awards Best of Show Winner
FCB Chicago, John Fiebke, Nick Farley, John Doessel, Sherman Winfield and Erica Farber

Our 2023 Radio Mercury Awards Winners