Lauren Cooper

Creative Director, Gut New York

Lauren Cooper (she/they) is a Creative Director based in NYC, currently working at GUT Miami. Her recent favorite projects include turning everything on a holiday dinner table into cheesecake
for Philadelphia Cream Cheese and encouraging people on IG to hit SAVE on women’s sports content to increase its position in the algorithm for Michelob ULTRA.

She believes most in ideas that change the world by handing the mic to the underrepresented or misunderstood, but also loves to laugh at a simple, surprising, but insightful joke. They love when an idea needs a meeting with the lawyers, and courageous clients who are undeterred by that. Before GUT, she spent time at Johannes Leonardo, Barton F Graf, and Deutsch, working on adidas Basketball, Little Caesars, and Krylon Spray Paint. Their work has been recognized at every major award show, including winning a coveted Titanium Lion, and she has played wide receiver on several championship-winning Flag Football teams.