Carol Dunn

Executive Producer at Human

As West Coast Executive Producer of award-winning music, sound and post-production studio, Human/PostHuman, Carol leads the creative partnerships with her clients for commercials, film and TV through music, sound design and final mix. Carol develops projects and oversees audio production for their staff of 15 composers.

Her music career stretches over 30 years which began on the label side as a switchboard operator at Capitol Records. By being inquisitive and sharing her love of music & film, she was eventually able to parlay that position into producing Boogie Nights, Stealing Beauty and Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet for the same label. She imagines music as another character in the film. This passion for marrying music to film naturally brought her to the audio post side of commercial making where her eyes and ears have been put to great use producing for brands like Toyota, Doritos, Comcast, Google, Nike, Jordan Brand, Campbell's, Indeed and Coca Cola.

When she’s not overseeing production (and still reading Murakami’s 1Q84), and tirelessly working for diversity and inclusion within our industry she's finishing her first children's book.